OTTO Work Students is the answer to modern students’ demands about the quality of their professional internship. It is no longer enough to distribute tasks to interns, you also need to give them a chance to fulfil their own endeavours and plans which, in turn, allows them to develop competence valued by the job market. The OTTO Work Students internship project is co-created with the students themselves and thus contributes to their professional success.

Task-oriented work time at university is the best solution for the modern generation of students who wish to combine professional development with education.

During their internship the students gain valuable experience and competences which make them attractive future employees. This programme allows their active development, and helps students choose a career path that is right for them. Transferring their knowledge of business onto professional internship gives them a one-of-a-kind advantage on the international job market.

The aim of the project is to encourage development and professional activity among young people on the European job market through cooperation with the project’s business partners in Western Europe. The internship is designed to encourage the professional development of students in complex business structures, as a new model of competence development which matches the development of skills to the requirements of the professional job market. The main aim of the project, in other words, is to build a bridge between students and the international job market.

Internship form:

The Project recruits Coordinators at chosen universities and colleges who, as part of their internship, will develop their managerial skills. These Coordinators, in turn, build teams (with the aid of the Foundation). Members of these teams are offered internship in the HR and marketing departments, recruit people to temporary jobs abroad, and they examine the areas of competence which are lacking among students as well as the activate of students at the university through active involvement.

The project will allow full-time students on daily studies to have their work time adjusted to their classes, including in between classes. Students taking part in the programme will receive full support of the project and their internship supervisor, and will receive all necessary materials and equipment to aid them in their professional development.


Detailed tasks of the interns are listed in INTERNSHIP.