OTTO Work Students is a project providing young people with professional opportunities on the international job market. Its funds come from the OTTO Workforce Poland, which gained the trust of over 80 000 employees over the 15 years it has been on the market. We offer jobs on all levels, and in many different fields. The opportunities we provide are limitless, literally! Our employees work in largest and leading world companies in Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Our key advantage is that we can provide support for employees abroad through access to the employee’s applications and Polish offices located in various job places. Working with OTTO is a great opportunity to boost your foreign language skills and increase your chances for a quick promotion.

A few words about the project…

OTTO Work Students is created by people who add their share in building common success

… foundation, project, team, participants – huge number of opportunities for people who are interested in working abroad or the ones who create local structures in the country.’

… development, self-realization and getting experience of work in international project – totally different way of students’ life style.’

… a chance to start your first work and having fun. Get experience, meet amazing people and expand your wings!’

…a project created by students for students! It is a chance for young people to set the first steps and start a career, not only in Poland but also abroad.’