Internship form:
As part of the Project is recruits Coordinators who will work on their managerial skills during the time of internship. These Coordinators will, with the aid of the project, build their own teams, whose members, in turn, will work to gather experience in HR and marketing. Their job will be to recruit people to work on temporary posts abroad and examine the areas of competence which are lacking among students as well as the activate students at the university through active involvement..

The project will allow full-time students on daily studies to have their work time adjusted to their classes, including in between classes. Meetings of the project teams will take place at the university or in designated classrooms. Students taking part in the programme will receive full support of the project and their internship supervisor, and will receive all necessary materials and equipment to aid them in their professional development.

• Raising your managerial qualifications and getting professional experience in the following fields: HR, marketing, management, and administration. You learn independence in pursuing and fulfilling tasks
• Benefiting from the OTTO experience in developing professional competence, which increases your chances on the job market
• Working with international businesses allows to create a professional network which enhances and facilitates professional development, and allows you to boost your foreign language skills
• Work in this project does not interfere with your university time and studying – the working hours are flexible and the work takes place at the university
• The content and form of the internship is adjusted to your needs
• A survey of drawbacks in students competence and action taken to fill it in increases your chances at the job market, and creates a new quality of services and education designed to respond to the needs and requirements of the professional environment
• The opportunity to take fully paid internships abroad or the possibility of signing a full time job contract after the end of the programme
• Work tools. A laptop and telephone given to each team for the duration of the internship
• A certificate and detailed reference letters at the end of the internship

a) participating in coaching and training sessions organized by the project,
b) recruiting team members (5 recruiters and a Marketing Specialist),
c) performing the programme’s marketing strategy,
d) managing the project team (managing work time, assigning tasks, motivating, reporting, meeting organisation)
e) reporting team results to the internship supervisor,
f) organizing training and coaching sessions, fairs and promotion events at the university (with the support of the Marketing Specialist intern)
g) examining the competence drawbacks among the recruited team members and analysing survey results (including the support of the Recruiters – interns)
h) maintaining the project’s fanpage at the given university (with the aid of the Marketing Specialist intern),
i) compiling promotional materials at the university [leaflets and posters (with the aid of the Marketing Specialist intern)],
j) managing the team’s budget during the second phase of the project,
k) working on increasing the effectiveness of the team,
l) creating solutions regarding the competence drawbacks among students (team work),
m) substantive cooperation with Marketing, IT, HR, and Legal department experts.


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